WordPress: CleanTeam USA

What Clean Team USA wanted (and desperately needed) was a redesign for their public-facing informational site. I had to be able to make it fast, responsive, and most importantly able to collect information from visitors who want to apply to the company.


Before I could start on the design, I built a company profile of their digital properties by performing a heuristic analysis for technical issues and made wire frames to address the basic content areas of their site. With this I prototyped an initial concept at our next meeting with a mocked up job application form on a theme that I thought had the best feature set with a modern appeal.

The feedback from that meeting led me to write a brief functional requirements and several use cases ensuring my assessment of Clean Team USA’s needs followed with their expectations of the project. Which in turn led to an investigation of WordPress plugins for the job application form. Contact Form 7 had the most diverse feature set that also matched our specifications for gathering and storing an applicant’s information.


The theme I used to present this site, and have continued to develop it with, is Customizr, which has a large size user base for a free WordPress theme. Contact Forms 7’s developer base has also produced quite a lot. Such as the Contact Form DB extension, which stores submissions from Contact Forms 7 in an exportable database accessible through the WordPress dashboard.

Samples of Documentation Used
Use case for Job application design using Custom Form 7
Functional requirements and heuristic analysis to research plugins
Wire frames to identify a theme

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