WordPress: Magic BJJ

Similar to my work at CleanTeam USA, this client required a modern business aesthetic with a responsive interface for their new site. The forked WordPress theme I chose for this project, Customizr, worked well here with its out-of-the-box features.

Home page of the Magic BJJ site.

One issue I come across very often, that the client’s site’s navigation is tiered in a way that hides vital information remains true here. Putting classes up front was a big move toward separating Magic BJJ’s “About” section from details of classes they offer and allows users more maneuverability between critical sections.

Considering that a lot of the research for this site is piggy-backed off of previous work with this WordPress template, it also allowed for more time to consider the specific design applications of the Customizr theme. Such as using the banner to display each teacher individually and cropping pictures for maximum effect in a responsive banner.

Close up of Magic BJJ's medal stand

This is a passion project of mine. Developing this site for a dojo I attend and to see it put to its full use is my way of giving back to the local martial arts community. Development continues on this site, and there are several admin plugins for WordPress I have been meaning to apply to a site similar to their scale.

Members of Magic BJJ rolling, one with the logo on the back.

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